A girl who travels.

One of the greatest things about traveling are the relationships and friendships you create. No one else will truly understand or relate to the stories and memories you will forever hold close to your heart. There’s an unexplainable bond that is created between people of all ages and from various cultures and backgrounds. You all become connected whether is be for a few days or a few weeks and these relationships will impact the rest of your life.

While traveling in Fiji I had the opportunity to befriend a girl from Germany. She was a 27 years old girl, named Ana, who one day realized she wanted more out of life. She quit her job and decided to travel the world for a year, ALONE. Before I met her I would of thought this was crazy. Who would ever be able to travel alone. But as I was exposed to so other travelers I realized that this is not as uncommon as one would believe. I actual believe that traveling alone can really be an eye opening experience. With no one around to influence your decisions or set expectations, you can really learn a lot about yourself.

Last week I was on Facebook and Ana had posted a link and tagged people she met traveling in the post. It was a link to a blog that was title ‘Don’t date a girl who travels’. I read the article and even grabbed my roommates to read the article to them. I found the article very relatable but couldn’t help but be a little confused on why these attributes were seen in a negative light in order to maintain a healthy relationship. I understand the article was suppose to be a satirical but I don’t believe these qualities should be seen as negative. It is true that to be able to maintain a relationship while traveling takes a lot of hard work and dedication but this does not make it impossible. This article kept circling around various social media sites and a few days later a blogger responded with another article titles ‘Date a girl who travels.’  Similar to me, this blogger wanted to share that these qualities can be positive for maintaining a healthy relationship. I thought it was a very interesting response and well written.

I think both of these bloggers were trying to say the same thing. They were describing a girl who travels as a free-spirit who focuses more on experiences and measures success through happiness. A girl who isn’t materialistic and understands that  the important things in life do not come with a price tag. A girl who travels as someone who doesn’t allow society to win control of her life choices but challenges the social norms. A girl who may have worked hard for a college degree and is proud of her hard work and dedication but understands this sheet of paper does not dictate her ultimate career choice and is therefore comfortable exploring what else life has to offer. That she understands that this requires hard work but believes that she can and will live the life she imagines. Both articles describe a girl who travels with similar descriptions but in two from two different perspectives.

It’s interesting to see the responses to each other in the blogging world. Here are the links so you can check out the blogs for yourself!

https://medium.com/better-humans/802c49b9141c – Don’t date a girl who travels

http://stephabroad.com/date-girl-travels/ – Date a girl who travels


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